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Team Deathmatch

OBJECTIVE: Take down the enemy team.

In a Team Deathmatch, the players are organized into two teams, with each team having a home base. The team with the highest kill-count at the end wins.  Players have unlimited lives and start the game with the battle rifle.   You have 14 clips and each clip has 24 rounds.


This classic battle for superiority is ideal for teams and risky players. The Dominators (capture points) are placed around the battlefield and teams must fight to claim the area for their side. A player must get to the Dominator and shoot down the sensor to activate it for their side. While the Dominator is claimed by one side or another, it glows their colour and secures points. The highest point total at the end of 3 minutes wins. All players have 100 health and unlimited respawns.


Speed and skill count in this skill-based team deathmatch. There are two teams, with each player having 100 health and unlimited respawns.  Players start with a bolt action carbine rifle that kills in one shot. The team with the most kills win!

Black Hawk Down

Rangers have been shot down and have to hold the opposition for 3min. Tangos are closing in to finish the job. Rangers start out with 250 health and no respawn. The tangos must eliminate all of the Rangers within 3min. They have 1 health and unlimited respawns. If any Ranger survives at the end, Rangers win. The tangos win if every Ranger player is eliminated within the time limit.


The juggernaut is a classic assault game. Both teams have one player who is their teams VIP. Both teams begin in the normal starting zones. The VIP has 300 health and one life, while everyone else gets 100 health and unlimited respawn. The team that kills the opposing VIP in under 3 minutes wins.


A group of prisoners are planning an escape and the guards need to be prepared to stop them. Guards start with 100hp, 3 lives and the Thumper SMG. Prisoners have 100hp, unlimited lives and the mosquito pistol. Once a prisoner eliminates a guard they are granted the Thumper SMG to even out the playing field. Once a prisoner reaches an escape and hits the button, they are out. If 90% of prisoners escape, they win.



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